about lina

I am 28 years old & I grew up on a horse farm where my parents still lives today and also where me & my family are planning to build our dream house.
I live with my boyfriend Rainer who I still am madly in love with after 8 years together but I am still waiting for a ring on my finger, and believe me when I say that I do give him hints.
Together we have our beloved daughter Lykke , as well as my wonderful bonus children Nemo and Bella who live with us part-time. Then of course we can´t forget our two chihuahuas Mini and Myran.

My top three things in life are traveling, everyday luxury and cuddling with my adorable little kid. 

I love to search for hidden gems like restaurants, cafes or beautiful places to discover in every place we go to - I kind of think of it like a sport. Eating good food at lovely restaurants is something I really enjoy.

On a day off, you will either find me on the back of a horse or in the woods searching for berries and chanterelles.

Hi! I´m lina


always falls asleep on the couch

super curious

do not like head massage

always showers super hot

starts 50% of my conversations with "I was listening to a podcast"

chapstick addict

the same heigt as bruno mars & britney spears

can´t keep my plants alive, not even cactuses